Dominican Gastronomy.

Dominican cuisine is easy and spontaneous.

Dominican Gastronomy

Dominican cuisine is easy and spontaneous. As in any other part of the world, recipes are passed down from generation to generation in the kitchen of our Grandmas, Aunties, and Moms. Because the recipes are not always written down, we learn how to cook in an artisanal and savory family style. Dominican fare is very similar to that found in other Latin American countries, especially Cuba and Puerto Rico – the only two other Spanish-speaking countries in the Caribbean. Some of the dishes are almost identical and only the names change. The Dominican cuisine is the result of the exotic mix of Spanish, Taíno and African gastronomies. This unique mixture of cultures is reflected in the great variety of dishes, flavors, colors and aromatic cuisine, influenced by European traditions.

Dominican love their street foods, particularly at night, and their frituras or fried snacks. Fruit lovers will find their bliss along neighborhood roadsides–where vendors often slice on site or prepare fruit salads–in the markets, along the highways or pretty much anywhere in the streets. You will find the usual suspects, such as bananas and papaya, locally called guineo and lechoza, respectively. Dominicans have a very sweet tooth. We love sweets and desserts in all shapes and forms, so you can easily find a line outside of a repostería, with customers grabbing orders to go or enjoying them on site if there is seating space.

Mamajuana is a must-try when you visit the Dominican Republic. Bottles are sold almost everywhere, from souvenir shops, restaurants, markets, and roadside. It is basically an infused cocktail, made from a fermented mix of cured tree barks, herbs, red wine, and rum. A handful of beers are made in the Dominican Republic, including craft beers found in a few places around the country. The most popular brand is the world famous Presidente beer, made by Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana since 1935. Dominican rum is produced by several big brands, the most popular two being Brugal and Barceló. Cigar aficionados know to find their fix in the Dominican Republic, since DR is ranked as the number one exporter of premium cigars in the world.